Bastrop County Emergency Services District No. 2 was created in 2008 to provide improved fire, rescue, and emergency assistance to the residents of the district. Since the creation, Bastrop County ESD No. 2, District Tax Payers have provided a dependable source of funding to enhance fire protection and EMS first reponse in the district. This funding has supported the operations of the Bastrop County First Responders inside the district. In 2013 the residents of the area served by the Paige Volunteer Fire Department requested annexation into ESD No. 2. In November of 2013, the voters in the Paige area and in ESD No. 2 approved the annexation of approximately 80 square miles added to the existing 120 square miles of the district. The City of Bastrop opted out of the creation process and is not in, but surrounded by the district.

The Board of ESD Commissioners, and the countless hours of training and emergency response from our firefighters, have enabled the district to improve fire fighting equipment, lower response times, provide enhanced and increased training opportunities for the our Volunteers, and to be stewards of our citizen's money. All of these people have volunteered to spend hundreds of hours away from their families; training, teaching, learning, protecting, and managing the District's efforts to improve fire protection.

If you see a firefighter, take a minute to thank them for their commitment and dedication to keeping our community safe. We can all find comfort in knowing that in our worst hour of need, these men and women are willing to volunteer many hours of their time for our community.

What is an Emergency Services District (ESD)?

An ESD is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, created by the citizens through an election and authorized by law to levy a tax for the purpose of proving emergency services. In short, an ESD is a taxing district responsible from providing emergency services to a specific area, "the District".

How does an ESD work?

ESD No. 2 levies the maximum tax of $0.10 per $100 dollars of assessed property value. The ESD is governed by a five member Board of Emergency Services District Commissioners appointed to staggered terms by the Bastrop County Commissioner's Court. These ESD Commissioners are responsible for managing the tax money collected and the development of fire protection emergency services in the district.

Bastrop County ESD 2 is governed by the Board of Directors or better known as the ESD Commissioners. These members are placed into office by the Bastrop County Judge. Out of the five members of the board, each board member holds a responsibility within the board. The titles and member are listed on our About drop down, ESD Board page.

What does this mean for ESD No. 2 District?

The district has chosen to provide fire protection by a combination department. The district utilizes both full-time paid staff as well as volunteers from Bastrop County ESD No. 2. These members work for the district and with their communities to improve their level of service. The department trains to meet fire fighting standards of Texas Commission of Fire Protection and the State Firefighters' and Fire Marshals' Association of Texas.