Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire Preparedness

FREE Brush Drop-off Event: November 5th

Help us reduce your risk of wildfire. Bring out your brush on April 29th, from 8am to 2pm.
This year we will have two locations:
Fire Station #3 (926 FM1441)
Bastrop WCID #2 Office (112 Corporate DR)

Flyer (PDF): English | español

For our safety, material should be 2.5 feet or longer.
Material should also be less than 6 inches in diameter.

– Cactus, Yucca, or Palm fronds
– Pine needles or leaves
– Grass, weeds, or vines
– Construction material
– Trash or bagged material of any kind
– Poison ivy, poison oak, etc.
– Anything with foreign material (nails, wires, twine, etc.)

For more information | Para más información:
Tel: 844-347-3373, ext. 5
email: crr@bastropesd2.org

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Preparedness Information

Financial Preparedness

  • Contact your insurance provider to make sure your coverage is updated and applicable to wildfires. They may have additional recommendations or requirements beyond those listed here.


  • Make sure your address is clearly visible. Crews should be able to see the address clearly at night and from a distance down the road.
    • Numbers should be reflective, and at least four inches high.
    • You can order an address sign from Bastrop County (Note: this is not handled by the fire department.)
  • Brush should be removed within 12 feet of the driveway.
  • Limbs that are less than 13 feet from the ground and overhanging the driveway should be trimmed back or removed.
  • Please provide a firm (gravel or paved) surface for fire trucks to turn around.
    • Note: A fire truck may be 35 to nearly 40 feet long.

Defensible Space

Quick overview of defensible space.

Zone 0 (0-5 feet from the home)

Check out this video that describes creating defensible space adjacent to your home.

Zone 1 (5-30 feet from the home)

  • “Clean and Green”
  • Keep grasses mowed to less than 4 inches high.
  • Minimize shrubs and trees. Choose trees and shrubs that have low flammability.

Zone 2 (30-100 feet from the home)

  • Reduce vegetation, create space between tree tops
  • Remove lower limbs to 6-10 feet above the ground
  • Remove shrubs that, if they catch fire, will help ignite the trees.

Zone 3 (100-200 feet and beyond)

  • The same rules as Zone 2 (30-100 feet) apply.
  • For houses on level ground, this is primarily for firefighter safety.
  • For houses on slopes, many will need 200 feet of defensible space or more for protecting the structure, and even more for firefighter survival.
    • Sloped ground makes fire travel faster and burn with more intensity.

Preparing the Home Itself

Implementing the “Ready, Set, Go” Program

We plan on holding at least two chipping events annually (spring and fall), where people can drop off brush and have it turned into mulch.

Once permanent locations and dates can be established, we will post them here. Until then, chipping events will be posted on our social media pages.

Defensible space considerations for your business are essentially the same as for your home. Be sure to include outside storage areas in your defensible space preparations.

Contact the fire department about installing a rapid access key vault (“Knox Box”) to improve fire department access in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Free Disaster Preparedness Training for Businesses

Other Resources

Contact us about becoming a recognized “Firewise Community”.

For more information:


Home Assessment

After you have done your part to create defensible space and “harden your home”, have the fire department come out and assess your home or business’s readiness for wildfire. We will make recommendations and provide you with steps you can take to improve your home’s survivability during a wildfire event. More information will be available in the future. For now, call 844-347-3373, ext. 5 to schedule your assessment.

Mitigation Assistance

For individuals who are elderly, disabled, or very low income, the fire department can assist with removing vegetation from around your home. Start by requesting a home assessment.

Outreach / Education

Want the fire department to discuss wildfire preparedness at your organization’s meeting or event? Please contact us.